Van & Laila's Story

Van and Laila


“You did WHAT?!”, was the usual reaction we received from our friends and family once they heard we uprooted from our home in Los Angeles and moved down to our serene avocado orchard in San Diego County. 

For almost two decades, it has been our dream to live on such a property where the land is fertile and the crop is abundant. In 2019 our family left our life in Glendale, California for a simpler, more edifying way of living in a rural environment. 

As we began recultivating the land, we decided to convert our farm from conventional agricultural methods to organic farming practices.  Going organic is a vital transition for our farm because providing high quality, organic produce is exactly how we want to serve our customers. We not only want to ensure the purity of the fruit, but offer an accessible way to get it. Supporters like yourself will be able to purchase Van & Laila’s avocados, and have them shipped directly to your doorstep! As we grow, we'll be offering more varieties of fruits from our farm for you to enjoy.


Van and Leila on the farm